Saturday, March 8, 2014

14 Things You Can A/B Split Test to Drive More Conversions

A/B Split Testing Conversion Optimization
If you’re a web marketing professional, you know that keeping on top of the latest digital trends can result in boosts to your SEO and ROI.

However, with so many different strategies available, how can you discover what will work best for your site?

Smart web marketers know that A/B split testing is one of the most essential elements to optimizing your website, and regular tune-ups can make the difference between your site being a mere landing page and being a money making machine.

Ultimately, A/B testing oftentimes brings more questions to light than it answers, so knowing where to start your testing and what’s crucial to your web plan is essential.

Split Test Calls To Action

Your website is there to engage users, so uncovering what makes them click that “Buy Now!” button is crucial. Try testing the following to uncover your best strategy:
  1. Wording - Test out different CTA’s, such as switching “Buy now” to “Purchase,” or “Click here” to “Follow Me.”
  2. Location - Where are your CTA’s located? Do they perform better at the bottom of your text, or as a great big shiny top button?
  3. The Many versus The Few - Perhaps your users need a little more motivation to get them where you want them to be. Try using multiple buttons on your page to maximize chances for clicks.
  4. Colors & Shapes - Depending on the demographic you’re aiming for, certain colors and shapes can appeal to various sexes and age groups.
A/B Split Testing Button Styles

 A/B Test Your Visuals

Depending on your market, your users may respond more positively to one image over another. Some quick testing ideas include:
  1. People or Products - Depending on who you’re targeting, some customers may prefer to look at an image of a person on your landing page rather than a product, or vice-versa.
  2. Static versus Movement - Stuck with a simple photo? Some sites see a benefit from swapping out images with a video, or even 3D images.
  3. Demographic Tests - While you’re thinking about including photos with people, try using various demographics such as men or women, age groups and even dress sense.

A/B Split Test Web Forms

A/B Split Testing Forms
Like most websites, you likely have a form lurking somewhere on yours. But is it functioning as well as it should?
  1. How Long? - Ask various people to see how long it takes them to complete your form. Trying a shorter form or requesting more information can result in less form abandonment.
  2. Sign Up Incentives - It’s a fact: people love free stuff. Try putting an incentive on to your sign-up forms to see if it can generate a boost.
  3. Think Outside the Basic Box - Everyone has filled out the same boring form over and over again. What’s wrong with getting creative? Ask for their favorite color or if they prefer David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar as Van Halen’s frontman. The unexpected can often yield interesting results.

Test Your Site Navigation

One of the things that web marketers strive to do is move users easily through their site, particularly straight to the buying page. Depending on your setup, failing to test how your users are funneling and navigating through your site can result in frustrated customers and lost revenue.
  1. How Do You Get There - Recognizing where you want your users to go and how they can achieve that is crucial. Try various options for navigation to help lead people where you want them to go.
  2. Busy, Busy, Busy - Too many distractions on your homepage can lead to users feeling confused and not arriving where you want them to be. Try stripping back links and content to see how it performs against more robust pages.
  3. What’s The Attraction - What are your users clicking on the most? Try increasing a different page’s standing by swapping your buttons or navigational tools around.
  4. Offer Multiple Avenues - While stripping back on distractions is a good test, also try offering more than one avenue to arrive at pages within your site.
While these suggestions are a great jumping off point, they are by no means a full list. Test your site consistently to see what’s working and what’s not. By testing, you’ll get to know your user’s likes and dislikes even better than they do.

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