Friday, January 24, 2014

4 Ways to Get Pinterest Working for Your Brand

Pinterest is a social website that is mostly used for photo-sharing. It allows its users to “pin” and manage collections for events, interests, and hobbies.

Pinterest users can browse other pinboards for images to repin to their pinboards and/or like photos. So how can brands use this social site to increase the traffic and sales to their website?

  1. Timing is key - In order for your brand to get more social traffic to your website, you should be focused on getting lots of “repins” and “likes.” For this to happen, you need to make sure that you are timing your pins just right. Pins that are posted between 2PM and 4PM and 8PM and 1AM, get the most repins. Not only should you aim to pin at a certain time, you should also aim to pin on certain days. Pins that are posted to the site on Saturdays have a tendency to get the most “repins” and “likes” as opposed to other days.
  2. Categories - Pinterest allows you to add boards in many different categories which can be a great tool for your brand. By adding categories to the pins that you post on Pinterest, you are not only increasing pin exposure to your brand, but you are also allowing the opportunity for several “repins” in many different categories.
  3. Be unique - Pinning content that is unique to your brand like blogs, contests, and photos will help your brand stand out from the others. It will make others want to repin your content more and they will actually look forward to seeing your content on their pinboard.
  4. Relevancy - While you are posting pins on Pinterest, make sure that you are posting relevant and engaging content from your brand. Make sure that whatever you post will catch your audience’s eye. Make sure that you are pinning original content more than you are repinning content. Images that are pinned directly from the website get more repins than other posts.

So by posting relevant, timely, unique, content to various categories on Pinterest, you can become a Pinterest expert and increase the traffic to your website. Happy Pinning!

Alyssa Chester is an Inbound Marketing Specialist here at Captivate Search Marketing. Please feel free to connect with Alyssa on Twitter or Google+.

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