Monday, September 2, 2013

Improve PPC Quality Score

When you want to improve the overall performance of your pay per click campaign, one of the most significant factors to monitor is the Quality Score of the keywords you're bidding on. A keyword Quality Score ranges from 1 to 10, with PPC managers striving to keep their average keyword Quality Scores above 7 to ensure maximum performance. The higher your score, the less you spend per click, which provides higher ROI.


Why Does Quality Score Matter?

Quality Score directly impacts the placement of your PPC ad on the search engine results page. If your PPC ad has a high quality score, you'll get more favorable placement in front of searchers.

If your PPC ad has a low Quality Score, your ad might not display on the homepage, or it could be served up less than other ads with higher scores because the search engines don't see your PPC ad as relevant.

Quality Score weighs heavily on the amount you pay when someone clicks on your PPC ad. The higher the Quality Score, the more relevant your ad is, and search engines reward your PPC ad relevancy with lower bid prices.


How To Improve PPC Quality Score

  1. Having highly segmented and targeted campaigns and ad groups. If the structure of your ad groups are highly granular and organized to target very specific keywords, this should have a positive impact on your PPC ad's Click Through Rate, which impacts Quality Score.
  2. Write convincing PPC ad copy for each of your highly segmented ad groups that includes your targeted keywords, a benefit, and a call to action that will attract more clicks.
  3. Improving the quality of your landing page will also improve PPC quality score. Search engines are on the look out for misleading keywords that do not match the content that is displayed on the PPC ad's landing page. If your landing page content has nothing to do with the PPC ad that you're running, your Quality Score will suffer.
  4. Use the new Enhanced Adwords Campaigns to your advantage. From desktops to mobile devices, many companies need to segment their PPC campaigns by devices, which provides highly granular targeting of users based on the type of device they are searching on. This level of targeting can lead to higher Click Through Rates (CTR) and better overall performance. Google's new Enhanced Adwords Campaigns allow you to easily manage your mobile ads.
  5. Utilize the powerful geo-targeting functionality that allows you to narrow down the geographic target area of your PPC campaigns to your local area. This allows you to target users close to your business' location, who are far more likely to click on your ad (higher CTR) because they're looking for a local provider.
For more information about optimizing your PPC campaign and how to improve PPC Quality Scores, contact the search marketing experts at Captivate Search Marketing.

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